1968 Dodge Charger R/T 4-Speed with a Great Story

Get ready to be taken on an exhilarating ride as we explore the stunning transformation of a 1968 Dodge Charger R/T 440. This beauty had been gathering dust on blocks in Oklahoma for a staggering thirty years before Danny Nichols laid eyes on it. What he did with it over the next seven years is nothing short of a miracle.

Danny poured his heart and soul into this project, spending countless hours painstakingly restoring every inch of the car himself. The bodywork was a real challenge, but he was determined to make it look as original as possible. He faced numerous obstacles along the way, including the difficulty of finding original parts. However, he persevered, and in the process, he met many incredible people who shared his passion.

But Danny didn’t just stop at making the car look original. He also added some modern touches that took it to the next level. A custom suspension and six-piston wheel wood brakes in the front were just a few of the upgrades that he made. These additions gave the car a unique character and made it even more special.

The car’s engine is nothing short of impressive, boasting a jaw-dropping 650 horsepower. But Danny wasn’t content with just raw power; he wanted it to look like it came straight from the Mopar factory. To achieve this, he even polished the stainless trim himself, leaving no stone unturned in his quest for perfection.

And the end result? A car that is simply breathtaking. The Dodge Charger looks almost exactly like it did when it first left the factory, thanks to Danny’s hard work and dedication. The restoration of this car is a true labour of love, and it shows in every detail.

You can see more in the video below:

Watching this video will leave you feeling inspired and in awe of Danny’s skills and dedication. The love and passion he poured into every aspect of the restoration is palpable, and you can’t help but feel the excitement as the car roars to life.

It’s a reminder of the beauty and craftsmanship of classic cars, and how they hold a special place in our hearts. Danny’s dedication to preserving the original look and feel of the Dodge Charger is a testament to the timeless appeal of these iconic vehicles.

As the video comes to an end, you’re left with a sense of amazement at what can be achieved with hard work and determination. It’s a true labour of love, and Danny’s restoration of the 1968 Dodge Charger R/T 440 is nothing short of a masterpiece.

So sit back, relax, and prepare to be blown away by this incredible feat of automotive engineering. It’s a journey you won’t soon forget. If you’re a fan of classic cars, this video is an absolute must-watch. It’s a testament to the passion and determination that goes into bringing these timeless vehicles back to life.

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